Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil
As you know when it comes to health I will try natural remedies first but head off to the doctor if it doesn’t clear up. Having an ear infection is never pleasant, but did you know that a drop or two of Chamomile Essential Oil can help if you have a mild case?

This article looks at five essential oils that help to fight infections, and states that many reputed labs have confirmed that essential oils have anti-infective properties. Research has also shown that essential oils are effective in many antibiotic-resistant infections. Essential oils have the potential to offer an alternative, natural, and side-effect free solution to tackling infectious diseases.

The active components of essential oils, have a small molecular weight and hence, they absorb easily into the body. Essential oils also have a high potency, meaning that only a small dosage is enough.

I wasn’t surprised to see my three favourite oils lavender, tea-tree and eucalyptus in the list but chamomile – which has a wonderful smell and oregano were new to me as infection fighters.

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From Organic Lifestyle Magazine. “Most of the essential oils are quite stable and can be stored for as long as 10 years (with the exception of citrus oils which can be stored for up to two years). These oils are a must in any natural medicine cabinet.

Many times, essential oils will need dilution with “a carrier oil” to dilute the potency of it. These carrier oils serve as a base for the essential oils. Some good examples of carrier oils are sweet almond oil and coconut oil. Due to their sensitive skin, if you plan to use essential oils on a baby, it is always a good idea to dilute them with a carrier oil.”

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