This gluten-free vegan vanilla cake recipe was sent through to us from the Vegan Society NZ. It’s a no-fail, no sink, no weird flavours, one bowl, gluten-free vegan vanilla cake that is easy to bake and tastes just like a normal vanilla cake!

This cake would make a wonderful Christmas cake for something a bit different and for those with egg and or gluten intolerances

The original recipe is from vegan baker extraordinaire Sara Kidd who is rocking the vegan baking scene with her retro flare and eye-popping baking creations.

I highly recommend following her (information on how to do this is below), she is truly inspirational with her creativity and incredible recipes.

The following information is from Sara …



Gluten-free baking can sometimes be a baker’s worst nightmare. We all remember back in the day when gluten-free meant we were about to embark on eating something with the texture and taste of a brick covered in a layer of cinnamon dust – early gluten-free bread gave me nightmares.

Thankfully, the good old G-F has come along way and we now have the knowledge and power to create godlike goodness for everyone to enjoy. Here are my top tips to get you started. 

Use extra vanilla when baking. It will help balance out those nutty flavours that appear in gluten-free baking. 


The smaller the better. I always recommend making cakes no larger than 6 to 7 inches or smaller. I find that the smaller the cake, the better the bake. 

Don’t be afraid to under-bake your cake slightly. You want to retain extra moisture in your cake as GF cakes can be a little dry. I usually bake it for 5 minutes less and test it with a skewer. If the skewer still has a few crumbs and a tiny bit of moisture on it, it’s ready to come out of the oven. 

Use 25 percent more raising agents (baking soda or baking powder) if you’re converting a recipe to gluten free.

Do worry about over-mixing your batter even though there is no gluten to overdevelop. It still affects the outcome of your cake. Mix only until just combined.

If you’re finding your GF cake is coming out dry, try using a vegetable shortening as your main fat source, this can add extra moisture.

If you’re converting a recipe to gluten free, experiment with adjusting the temperature of your oven 10C/50F lower. 



Sara is a Food Columnist for the world’s most popular vegan food mag: Vegan Food & Living UK as well as Nourish Mag AU. Her new cookbook BAKE VEGAN STUFF, Easy Recipes for Kids (and Adults too!), is becoming wildly popular and everyone is tuning into her YouTube channel, to watch her whip up something spectacular. She also runs one of the most interactive vegan baking groups on Facebook with 12000+ members!
Sara is launching a new vegan baking show June 2020 called VEGAN AROUND THE WORLD  where she is veganising iconic cakes from around the globe. .