To care for your board rub with salt and lemon then brush off.  Next add add oil, rub the oil into the grain and leave for about 10 minutes then wipe off.  Let dry and lightly coat with olive or coconut oil to protect the surface. The lemon will help with discolouration and consistent use will help keep your board looking like new.

For something with a bit more oomph make this natural cutting board cleaner.

DIY Natural Cutting Board Cleaner

1/2 cup apple cider or white cleaning vinegar

1 cup of water

5 drops of Thieves, Melaleuca, or Lemon essential oil

Simply add essential oils to vinegar/water mixture.  Spray cutting board and allow to sit for 10 minutes.

Gently rinse and allow to completely dry.

Once completely dry, follow with a light oiling of olive or coconut oil to protect the surface

For more tips check out this guide on how to look after your chopping board.

You can also use our Green Goddess Antibacterial Spray on boards daily.