I’ve been a tea drinker since I was very young, about 12 and I’ve always agreed with that old tea ad on TV – “I don’t feel alive until I’ve had my cup of Bell tea!” But recently I’ve been finding that tea has now joined coffee in giving me a bit of jip in the tummy which devastated me. If I couldn’t drink tea then how was I to get through the day without my tea breaks? And I had just bought yet another teapot to add to my collection – a lovely old red enamel one.
So in the mornings I have hot water with lemon – which everyone says is very good for the system and throughout the day I have the same but sometimes I slice up some raw ginger and put that in as well. And my saviour is my jar of Inka which is made out of rye,barley, chicory and beetroot. I make it as I would instant coffee and I’ve really begun to enjoy the flavour.
And I have to say that being caffeine free is rather delightful. My digestion issues have almost completely gone, I feel different in myself, a bit more alive, although for the first week I was quite tired.
And after three weeks I don’t miss tea or coffee at all. It’s a bit difficult when you meet someone for coffee and you search desperately for a herbal tea and there is none. But that’s what they invented hot chocolate for I’m guessing.